Street Food Market Yarnbomb

The Crosby town team put in a special request so with a 2 week deadline we got to work. Luckily we were able to re-use some of the pieces from the Love yarnbomb and I put a request out and squares were dropped off at Tilly Mint and some even came through the post. We managed to cover 19 out of the 23 trees in the village (hope no one notices).

Thanks to my partner in crime Start Loose along with Woolcraft group at the Dunningsbridge Centre, Elizabeth Jones, Irene Ford, members of St Lukes Church, Ali Tilly Mint, Barbara, Heather, Hazel and Anne and the PeaceableYarnArmy for knitting pieces and helping to install.

Once again the response was fantastic and we even got a bouquet of flowers as a thank you from the town team and free mid-installation (11pm) refreshments from Blue Bar.

A month in and they’re still up looking fresh.


Love Love Love

Happy Valentines Day!

Sainsburys Roundabout, Crosby, Liverpool.

I’ve spent the past 2 months crocheting (no knitting done by me this time but a few donations from others. I seem to have left knitting behind now, finding crochet so much quicker and versatile but I may get shouted down for that).

I thought it would be nice to yarnbomb the roundabout up towards the village in time for Valentines Day. Its nice to have a deadline. Thanks to Lyndsey aka Start Loose for helping me install it, which took over 3 hours. Without her I would’ve been balancing up a very unstable 10ft ladder alone.

I’ve only been in Crosby for 6 months and there is a real (much needed) regeneration going on amongst local shop owners, local residents and there are some fantastic shops/restaurants around.

So I thought I would test the yarnbomb waters to see how Crosby would respond. The response has been overwhelming and local people have raved about it on Twitter and Facebook. I think the area is crying out for some more colour and perhaps even a bit more care, like creating some gardens amongst the wastelands and letting local community groups make use of some of the derelict properties.

As expected in less than a week the local council asked me to take the yarnbomb down due to concern for motorists causing accidents (whilst driving around it twice to get a good look). No hard feelings here, especially as I’ve been granted permission to do one in the village in a few weeks for the local farmers market.

Just Visiting…

12am – brainwave “think I’ll do a mini yarnbomb in Cambridge tomorrow when I’m passing through”

9am – leave London and start sewing leftover lambana squares together

10am – realise I don’t have enough squares

12pm – sit in local pub whilst eating, drinking & chatting with friends whilst completing miniyarnbomb

3pm – miniyarndrop COMPLETE happy neighbours (1st one ever done in daylight, quite unusual feeling)


Local newspaper the Champion wanted to run a story on the lambanana. For those who have followed my work in Cambridge you will know that I normally use the pseudonym the Willow Wanderer but I’m rethinking it at the moment so chose to give my name and a bit about myself.  So here it is HERE.


I made mini crochet Christmas trees to drop on friends front doors in London, Cambridge and Liverpool this holiday. Here is the pattern Crochet Christmas Trees which is very simple. Below is a selection, I didn’t get pictures of all of them. So how about hearts for Valentines day (inspired by One Sheepish Girl), something non-cliche for Easter and stars for Advent. That’s the whole year planned. We’re hoping to be in New York by late spring as we should gain our visas by then so it’ll be Willow Wanderer hits NYC soon.

That Bike Gets About!

Thanks to Ruth from the You Can Too Hub the knitted bike has been flying around Cambridge over the last few months. It loved the attention at the Mill Road Winter Fair, here is Ruth talking about it VIDEO. Both Santa and one of his reindeers got a ride and even a lib-dem councillor too I heard. The bike is now making an appearance in the current e-edition of Cambridge Business (Full Bike Article). I’m loving that the bike is still being used to promote the charity, definitely worth all that work.

Liverpool’s Latest Lambanana

Well I certainly found something to keep me busy these last 3 months. I spotted this baby Lambanana at the Plaza Community Cinema in Crosby that was desperate for a makeover. The staff thought I was a prank caller but they agreed to let me take it on, wool was purchased and work commenced. Its been bit of a headache but I got there in the end. The staff were delighted when I delivered it this morning. I meet such amazing people through the work I do. The gardeners at Murray Edwards College, Ruth from You Can Too and now the Plaza staff are truly wonderful people and their appreciation is effusive and genuine. Here are some shots of the process and the finished piece. 600 2″ squares crocheted and knitted, 10 balls of wool, 3 months. One very happy and cosy lambanana, Liverpool’s iconic mascot. The cinema plan to use it as a collection box for their latest campaign.