UNITY in Harlem

I have been teaching crochet to the members of Urban Innovations in Harlem. Together with helpers at the community garden and members of our Saturday Crochet Meet-Up group we came up with this yarnbomb for the outside of the fence. Angela, the chief gardener came up with the word, seems appropriate don’t you think.

Park East

Park East High School on east 105th street have been beautifying the street with gardening and clearing trash. They asked me to help them by yarnbombing the trees the length of the street. Some of them are only 5″ in circumference but as you walk down from 2nd to 1st avenues the color gradient flows from purple to pale blue. Its been a hit with the neighbors and students alike.


In March I asked Lauren of Caustic Soda if she would like to work on another crochet flower collaboration. It gave us the chance to invite others to contribute once again, this time with a longer deadline.

Lauren wrote the pattern and we circulated it over social media.

By the deadline, May 22, conveniently my birthday, we had 35 contributors totaling 650 individual blossom flowers.

@hijennybrown, marie, tisa, meridith, lauren and london o’donnell all came along to help sew the flowers together into 6’s and then for the installation lauren, myself, tanya and anna came together in the sweltering heat to get this gorgeous monster onto the fence. It was quite a feat but we did it.

Stunning, I think you will agree. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed and cheered us on along the way.

Crocus #2

I had to postpone putting the 2nd crocus installation up as it was so damn cold in NYC. It gave me more time to think about where it would go and on reflection if I hadn’t had this time I probably would have chosen a totally different spot and I think this one is 100x better.

On the corner of 102nd & Lex opposite the Moustache Pizza which is totally worth a visit, a family favorite. This community garden is majorly underused and a local resident explained that there is hope it will given new life in the future. But for now, crochet street art does it job once again. Happy Spring El Barrio.

Crochet a Crocus

Its been a while since I worked in collaboration with others but when I decided to do a field of crocus for spring it seemed the perfect opportunity to ask for help. Lauren @caustic soda designed a pattern for me to share. As a free-form fiber artist the thought of writing patterns for others to follow makes me shudder. By the deadline I had 19 contributors from Europe and US and for those who follow instagram here they are: @venusdeathtrap @annorgel @swall24@hijennybrown @hackneymac @haitchchamp@knitsforlife @londonkayecrochet @jausten1775@yarnbombingbruxelles @ililxkitty@yarnbombingbruxelles @leehaa @atomicyoghurt @lyndseygillett Becky Dawson & Tanya and MAJOR thanks to @causticwear @kristen_buchholz and @mz.iz for helping to install.

Seeing them all together was quite overwhelming and I was quite moved as I stood back to capture it. But after 2 hours of -9c it was time to head home, thaw out and post images on Instagram!!

And of course there’s a poem…


by: Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)

In blue and yellow from its grave springs up the crocus fair, and God shall raise those bright blue eyes,those sunny waves of hair. Not for a fading summer’s morn, not for a fleeting hour, but for an endless age of bliss, shall rise our heart’s dear flower.