Crocus #2

I had to postpone putting the 2nd crocus installation up as it was so damn cold in NYC. It gave me more time to think about where it would go and on reflection if I hadn’t had this time I probably would have chosen a totally different spot and I think this one is 100x better.

On the corner of 102nd & Lex opposite the Moustache Pizza which is totally worth a visit, a family favorite. This community garden is majorly underused and a local resident explained that there is hope it will given new life in the future. But for now, crochet street art does it job once again. Happy Spring El Barrio.

Crochet a Crocus

Its been a while since I worked in collaboration with others but when I decided to do a field of crocus for spring it seemed the perfect opportunity to ask for help. Lauren @caustic soda designed a pattern for me to share. As a free-form fiber artist the thought of writing patterns for others to follow makes me shudder. By the deadline I had 19 contributors from Europe and US and for those who follow instagram here they are: @venusdeathtrap @annorgel @swall24@hijennybrown @hackneymac @haitchchamp@knitsforlife @londonkayecrochet @jausten1775@yarnbombingbruxelles @ililxkitty@yarnbombingbruxelles @leehaa @atomicyoghurt @lyndseygillett Becky Dawson & Tanya and MAJOR thanks to @causticwear @kristen_buchholz and @mz.iz for helping to install.

Seeing them all together was quite overwhelming and I was quite moved as I stood back to capture it. But after 2 hours of -9c it was time to head home, thaw out and post images on Instagram!!

And of course there’s a poem…


by: Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)

In blue and yellow from its grave springs up the crocus fair, and God shall raise those bright blue eyes,those sunny waves of hair. Not for a fading summer’s morn, not for a fleeting hour, but for an endless age of bliss, shall rise our heart’s dear flower.

LOVE tree

Its only right that I do another LOVE tree on Valentines Day. Last years (in Crosby, Liverpool, UK) was removed after just one week due to its distraction to drivers. That seems like a long time ago. It has however sparked an enthusiasm for more yarnbombing in the town which is wonderful to follow even from a distance. Crosby will remain very close to my heart for many reasons including this.

Happy Valentines East Harlem

New Years Eve Poinsettia

Happy New Year! What a year it’s been. This time last year I was still in the UK wondering how much longer it was going to take to get our visas. I love New York, I love East Harlem, I love the opportunities life is throwing at me daily and the fun there’s still to be had. Big changes for me this past year and more to come.

The poinsettia is the traditional Mexican christmas flower, just a couple of days late.

Ode to the Poinsettia by Albert Price

Across the lowly equator they have flown,

The days of sweltering heat and butterflies.
And the poinsettia shows all it green display,
Without the brightness of its yellow eyes.
Looking forward to the Holy Night,
When in blazing bracts it is born anew.
Celebrating the Holy Advent of our Savior,
With its hypnotizing ruby red debu
The gift of sight to the spiritually blind,
Who have spent a season in a green spell,
With hearts awaiting the honored return,
Of the joyful sound of the silver bell.
The summer has been hot and dreary,
With little love for the heart to desire.
But come November of every autumn,
Our spirit yearns for the Yule Fire.
As the flaming bracts don their glowing style,
The babe’s eyes shine with nascent light.
With such beauty to nurture its first vision,
It makes the joy bells ring right through the night.

White Lily

The modest rose puts forth a thorn,

The humble sheep a threatening horn.

While the lily white shall in love delight,

Nor a thorn not a threat stain her beauty bright.

William Blake
#MiriamCarey #JusticeforMiriam
The lily can be found on the corner of e 105th & Lexington Avenue.

Bring me the Sunflower

Inspired by a verse from the poem Bring me the Sunflower by Italian poet Eugenio Montale.

So bring me the plant that takes you right
where the blond hazes shimmering rise
and life fumes to air as spirit does;
bring me the sunflower crazy with the light.

(translated from Italian by George Kay)

Don’t you just love that CRAZY WITH LIGHT. The sunflower hangs in place of the Iris as it was time for repair and change. On the fence of PS72 on the corner of E104th & Lex.