This is about Random Acts of Generosity taking the form of #StreetArt #Yarndrop #Yarnbombing #UrbanArt #KnitGraffiti #CrochetRAGs #KnittedRAGs

It started with me just doing a blog about the things I made and the projects I undertook but has evolved into something much more engaging and evocative than I could have ever imagined.

Instagram @NaomiRAG

Twitter @NaomiRAG

Email is WillowWanderer999@gmail.com

The Oxford English Dictionary states that the origin of the word “Rag” is from “An act of ragging; esp. an extensive display of noisy disorderly conduct, carried on in defiance of authority or discipline”, and provides a citation from 1864, noting that the word was known in Oxford before this date.[1] Early Rag collectors may have ragged passers-by until they made a donation.

Alternatively, it is thought to be from the Victorian era when students took time out of their studies to collect rags to clothe the poor.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this Naomi! Last Sunday we were talking about God making us all creative (because that is what He is!) And one definition that came out was that creativity is “taking the ordinary things of life and making them into extraordinary things that tell the story of God.” Thought you might like that. xx

  2. Did you do the 3 flowers on 2nd Ave btw 108/109? They are so wonderful, such a gift to the neighborhood. I work at the senior center around the corner, where we have a very active crochet group. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Diana yes I did. I’m so delighted that you love them .
      I have several pieces up in the neighborhood but I really wanted to put something in this location so I got permission from the owners of the car park.
      Thank you for your encouraging note .

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